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[Dj软件] 莱恩Scratch_Live 2.4.2正式版

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What's New in 2.4.2Features
  • Added Mixtape support for the Rane Sixty-One and Sixty-Two:
    Record your Serato DJ performance as an Ableton Live Set, complete with song placement and fader movements. Then use Live’s collection of effects, instruments and production tools to edit, enhance and polish your mix. Note: Mixtape requiresThe Bridge
  • Multi-channel layer support for the Sixty-Two:
    MIDI mapping is now possible for all MIDI control/note values for the 2nd to 16th channel layers of the Sixty-Two. This requires the latest firmware updates. Get more information on how to use the Multi-channel MIDI layers for the Sixty-Two.
Bug fixesPlayback Fixes
  • Fixed SP-6 bug where, when selecting loop start positions, the white playhead will move to the beginning of the selected start loop.
  • Fixed SP-6 bug where, when hot plugging, the selected loop slot will not reset to loop 1 if it was previously set to loop 2, 3 etc.
  • Re-instated instant doubling always occurring when drag dropping between decks and SP-6 slots, even when the 'Instant Doubling' option is disabled.
  • Fixed bug where the offline player was sometimes not in auto-play mode.
  • The offline player and the left deck are no longer 'on' when Scratch Live is launched.
Library fixes
  • Improved iTunes XML importing.

This is to address the issue where iTunes library importing would fail when the library contained non utf-8 encoded strings. These formatting errors are an issue with iTunes library exporting.

  • iTunes folders are collapsed on startup. Note that collapse state for them is not saved to preferences.
  • The iTunes "Grouping" attribute is now loaded from the iTunes library.
File writing fixes
  • Fixed an mpeg4 tag writing bug where the track number was being saved to the year tag.
  • Fixed track number write bug where for track x of y, where x is the track number and y is the total number of tracks for the album, y was being deleted. This affected mpeg4 files.
  • Fixed a bug where .wav file tags couldn't be read or written to properly because of non-wide aligned chunks. A symptom is overviews always being rebuilt. Note that these files are technically corrupt and will therefore not be able to be analysed.
  • Fixed bug where is was not possible delete the year tag of a track.
  • Fixed bug where, on first track load for a file that has an .xml and .ovb meta data (located in _Serato_/Metadata), the overview would be rebuilt.
  • Fixed bug where tracks with .xml metadata would always do a tag write after they are used for the first time in a Scratch Live session.
  • Fixed bug where if there is a non-ascii character in the album field of an mpeg4 file, then incorrect characters could be saved to that field when the file is tag edited (evident upon track load).
  • Fixed bug where the 'total number of discs' meta data in an mpeg4 file was being incorrectly written to.
  • Autogain info can now be saved/loaded to/from OGG files.
Hardware related fixes
  • Fixed a Sixty-Two bug where instant doubling could still occur when the track scroll knob is turned during the double click.
  • Fixed a Sixty-Two bug where, when using the track scroll knob, it was not possible to rapidly go: load->scroll->load; some of the track loads would be missed.
  • When enabling DJ FX flex fx sending, all the channel/deck mappings are now turned off as a means of ensuring that audio reactive video is turned off when a user changes from a non-flex-fx capable device to a flexfx capable device (i.e. switching from an SL 2 to a Sixty-Two).
  • Fixed a Sixty-Two bug where the Sixty-Two's SP-6 trigger button lights still flashed if the SP-6 panel is closed and the play head reaches the end of the track.
  • The Sixty-One and Sixty-Two effect sliders in Setup->Hardware->Effects are now midi mappable.
  • The Sixty-Two's recording option now defaults to Mix and not PGM 1.
  • Added midi mapping ability for a Sixty-One joystick press.
GUI fixes and changes
  • Fixed bug where the UI bar of SSL would still appear on a secondary monitor (when the secondary monitor is above your main monitor).
  • Fixed bug where, on startup, the UI bar would be visible, even though SSL starts in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed bug where, if the window is restored, dragged so that the centre of the window is outside the bounds of the display, then maximised again, the OS X Menu bar would be visible and obscure the Scratch Live window mode controls.
  • The recording widget's time area now has the colon and dot visible again.
Serato Video related fixes
  • It's now possible to midi map two midi knobs/sliders to the Serato Video faders. A standard midi mapping will adhere to the 'link' state of the Serato Video fader and a ctrl+shift mapped slider will disregard the 'link' state.

This benefits DJs who wish to keep their MIDI capable mixer's faders un-linked from Serato Video sometimes, but still wish to control Serato Video's faders with another midi controller.

This means you can now use third party mixers to fade video and audio at the same time, but also independently, just the same way as you can with Rane mixers.

  • The Serato Video up fader and cross faders can be shift+ctrl midi mapped so that they adhere to the hardware link settings. A standard midi mapping to these faders will ignore the hardware link states.
  • Fixed bug where the mouse/midi/GUI auto cross fader control would not work if fader-link and cue-link was enabled at the same time.
  • Fixed bug where, when the Serato Video cue-link button is enabled, the left/right GUI auto cross fade buttons were not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the TTM 57SL mapping to the Serato Video auto cross fade control was not working correctly.
  • Fixed bug where midi mapping was not possible with some text and image effect controls.
  • It should be possible to turn audio effects off now via the Setup > Serato Video > Effects options.
Other fixes
  • Fixed the DJ FX bug where deck assignment settings were not being loaded on startup.
Sixty-One firmware release notes (1.12)Changes since 1.04
  • Fixed bug where control panel is loaded with incorrect parameter values.
  • Modified Magnetic Fader curve.
  • Added Analog Insert Sensitivity Parameter.
Sixty-Two firmware release notes (1.17)
  • Added MIDI Control Layer functionality.
  • Added live FlexFX Effect Parameter adjustment from the control surface.
  • Added External Insert Sensitivity Parameter.
  • Added option to disable automatic lighting of LEDs.
  • Added support for smarter and easier user MIDI LED lighting.
  • Added support for relaying MIDI Real Time Messages between USB ports.
  • Added handling of multiple MIDI channels for MIDI messages sent to device.
  • Modified Magnetic Fader curve.
  • Fixed undesirable flanging of Echo effect due to fluctuations in tracked BPM.
  • Fixed bug in Low Cut Echo so that first reflection is filtered.
  • Fixed bug where control panel is loaded with incorrect parameter values.
Change list for ASIO and Core Audio driversSixty-Two 1.1.0f3
  • Supports MIDI layers. Removed MIDI channel assignment from driver. The mixer processes MIDI channels based on the MIDI layer.
  • Added Analog (External) Sensitivity Control. The +4dBu setting is the normal setting, use the -10dBV setting for external devices with low output voltage (2.0Vrms or lower).
  • Added User Button Lighting Control. Enable this option when you want to light button LEDs with MIDI note changes (disables the mixer from providing the momentary button LED flash).
  • Passes all MIDI Real-Time messages to/from MIDI system (such as START/STOP/CONTINUE). These are enabled/disabled with the MIDI clock options.
  • Firmware 1.17 embedded for firmware update.
Sixty-One 1.1.0f1
  • Added Analog (External) Sensitivity Control. The +4dBu setting is the normal setting, use the -10dBV setting for external devices with low output voltage (2.0Vrms or lower).
  • Firmware 1.12 embedded for firmware update.

  • 新增的录音棚的mixtape支持六十一和六十二个:
    记录您的Serato DJ Ableton现场设置,用歌声安置和推杆动作的表现。然后使用Live的效果,仪器仪表和生产工具的收集,编辑,增强和擦亮你的混音。
  • 一层为六十二个多渠道支持:
    MIDI映射,现在可以为所有MIDI控制/注为2至16层的62个通道的值。这需要最新的固件更新。获取更多关于如何使用的信息  多通道的MIDI层为62个
  • 固定的SP-6错误的地方,选择循环的开始位置时,白色的播放头将移动到所选开始循环的开始。
  • 固定SP-6的错误,热插拔,选定循环槽时不会重置循环1,如果它以前被设置为循环2,3等。
  • 重新设置即时倍增总是发生时,拖动下降甲板和SP-6插槽之间,即使在“即时倍增”选项被禁用。
  • 固定的臭虫离线播放器有时不自动播放模式。
  • 离线播放器和左侧甲板不再是'对'时刮即时推出。
  • 改进的iTunes XML导入。
  • iTunes的文件夹在启动时崩溃。请注意,为他们的崩溃状态不保存喜好。
  • iTunes的“分组”的属性现在被装载从iTunes资料库。
  • 修正MPEG4标签书写错误曲目数量被保存到今年的标签。
  • 固定轨道号码写错误轨道x,y,其中x是曲目数量和y是专辑的曲目总数,Y被删除。受此影响MPEG4文件。
  • 修正了。wav文件标签不能因为非宽对齐块读取或写入正确的错误。症状是概述,总是被重建。请注意,这些文件是技术上的腐败,因此将无法进行分析。
  • 固定的臭虫在不删除一年的跟踪标记。
  • 固定的臭虫,第一首曲目。XML和。OVB元数据(在位于_Serato_ /元)的文件具有负载,概述将被重建。
  • 固定的错误轨道。XML元数据总是会做一个标记,写后,他们第一次在一个临时直播会议。
  • 固定的臭虫MPEG4文件的专辑领域,如果有一个非ASCII字符,然后不正确的字符可以被保存到该字段时,该文件是标签编辑(根据赛道负荷明显)。
  • MPEG4文件的元数据“的光盘总数被正确地写入到固定的臭虫。
  • autogain信息,现在可以保存/加载到/ OGG文件。
  • 修正了六十二个瞬间倍增错误仍可能发生在双击打开时的轨道滚动旋钮。
  • 修正六十两个错误的地方,使用的轨道滚动旋钮时,是不可能迅速走:负载>滚动>负载;将错过一些轨道载荷。
  • 当启用DJ FX的柔性FX发送,现在打开所有通道/甲板映射手段确保无音频视频被关闭从非FLEX-FX的设备时用户更改到flexfx功能的设备(即从SL 2切换到六十二个)。
  • 修正了六十二个错误六十二个SP-6的触发按钮灯仍然闪过,如果SP-6面板被关闭,播放头到达赛道结束。
  • 在设置 - >硬件 - >对六十一和六十二个效果滑块现在MIDI制图。
  • 现在62个的记录选项默认为混合和铂族金属1。
  • 新增MIDI映射能力为六十一操纵杆记者。
  • 固定的臭虫在用户界面的SSL酒吧仍然出现在辅助监视器(以上主显示器是辅助监视器时)。
  • 固定的臭虫,在启动时,用户界面删吧将是可见的,即使在全屏模式下的SSL开始。
  • 固定的臭虫,如果恢复窗口,拖动,使中心的窗口,显示范围之外,然后最大化再次,OS X的菜单栏是可见的和模糊的划痕即时窗口模式控制。
  • 录音部件的面积现在有冒号和点再次可见。
  • 它现在可能MIDI映射两个MIDI旋钮/的的Serato视频推子滑块。一个标准的MIDI映射将坚持“链接”的状态,,Serato视频推子和一个CTRL +移位映射滑块将无视“链接”状态。
  • 推杆和交叉推子最多的的Serato视频可以是移+ CTRL MIDI映射,使他们坚持硬件链路设置。一个标准的MIDI映射到这些推子将忽略硬件的链路状态。
  • 固定的臭虫鼠标/ MIDI / GUI自动交叉推子控制将不会工作,如果推子链接和提示链接在同一时间启用。
  • 固定的臭虫,Serato视频提示链接按钮启用时,左/右的GUI自动交叉淡入淡出按钮无法正常工作。
  • 修正了一个错误的TTM 57SL映射的的Serato视频自动交叉淡入淡出控制,无法正常工作。
  • 固定的臭虫MIDI映射是没有可能的一些文字和图像效果控制。
  • 它应该有可能把音频效果通过设置> Serato视频效果选项。
  • 修正甲板分配设置没有被启动时加载的DJ FX错误。
  • 修正了控制面板加载不正确的参数值。
  • 改性磁性推杆曲线。
  • 添加了模拟插入参数敏感性。
  • 新增MIDI控制层的功能。
  • 新增活控制面FlexFX的效果参数调整。
  • 新增外部插入参数敏感性。
  • 新增选项来禁用自动照明的LED。
  • 加入更聪明,更易于用户的支持MIDI LED照明。
  • 新增支持中继的MIDI USB端口之间的即时信息。
  • 新增多个MIDI通道的MIDI信息发送到设备的处理。
  • 改性磁性推杆曲线。
  • 固定不良翻边由于BPM的跟踪波动的回声效果。
  • 固定的臭虫在低切回声,使反射过滤。
  • 修正了控制面板加载不正确的参数值。
更改ASIO和Core Audio的驱动程序列表第六两个1.1.0f3
  • 支持MIDI层。从驱动器中删除MIDI通道分配。混频器的处理为基础的MIDI通道的MIDI层。
  • 模拟(外部)灵敏度控制增补。+4 dBu设置是正常的设置,使用低输出电压(2.0Vrms或更低)的外部设备-10dBV设置。
  • 添加用户“按钮照明控制。启用此选项,当你想与MIDI音符的变化(禁用混频器提供LED闪光灯瞬间按钮)按钮指示灯点亮。
  • 通过所有MIDI / MIDI系统(例如启动/停止/继续)实时消息。这些MIDI时钟选项启用/禁用。
  • 嵌入式固件1.17固件更新。
  • 模拟(外部)灵敏度控制增补。+4 dBu设置是正常的设置,使用低输出电压(2.0Vrms或更低)的外部设备-10dBV设置。
  • 嵌入式固件1.12固件更新。

以上是介绍!!主要针对61  62的修复...还有视频!!但是如果你







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